Gan Izzy- its that time of year,

Thesummer days are finally here

We're soaring through theair

Let's hear you give a cheer

Together we've all got one goal

G.I. kids are on a role

Come and join thefun

Doing mitzvahs one by one


We laugh and learn and love our friends

I hope Gan Izzy never ends

Games and crafts, sports and more

A summer full of fun galore

Britain, Israel, Africa,

We're standing, ready, on our way

Hawaii, Shanghai, Mexico

We'll take you there today


Crashing through our limits

Always doing what we can

Torah and gooddeeds

Lend a helping hand

Come aboard and see whats new

It's theplace for me and you

Here and now at CGI





And I’ll never forget-

The stories that we’ve heard

The Mitzvahs that we learned

I’m Jewish and I’m proud

I’ll shout it now out loud

Right up to the clouds


6 weeks have passed right by

And now it’s time to say goodbye

How I wish that I could be

Always in Gan Izzy



We learned and played

And had such fun


And now’s the time for everyone

To say thank you for sending me to camp Gan Izzy



I’m a Jew and I’m Proud

We’ve existed so long

Because the Torah kept us strong

And the Torah will never disappear, oh no!

Through the ages it was brought

By the children who were taught

To follow it and constantly declare

I’m a Jew and I’m proud

And I’ll sing it out loud

Because forever that’s what I’ll be. oh yes!

I’m a Jew and I’m proud

And that’s without a doubt

Because Hashem is always watching over me


Can you hear the footsteps?

Can you hear the footsteps of Moshiach?

Can you hear them coming closer loud and strong?

Can you hear the sound of children laughing?

Everyone has come to join along


Can you hear the shofar echo his arrival?

Can you see the eagle soaring in the sky?

Can you tell me why the world will be so happy?

Please be so kind and tell me why…


For soon Moshiach will come

And he will take everyone

Hand in hand to the Promise Land