Chabad of Contra Costa Supporting Members

Chabad of  Contra Costa is committed to provide wonderful and enriching educational and social programs to the local community of Contra Costa County,  our continued sustainability and growth is made possible by the support we receive from generous friends like you.

Unlike most synagogues and temples, Chabad of Contra Costa does not require annual membership dues or building fund fees, our events and programs are open to every member of the community. However, very much like most synagogues and temples, Chabad of Contra Costa is dependent on the generous support of members of the community to cover our budget.   

Like all other Chabad Centers, Chabad of Contra Costa is financially independent and receives no funding from Chabad umbrella organizations. All donations to Chabad of Contra Costa remain in our community, covering our budget and funding our events and programs. 

To help support Chabad of Contra Costa we ask that you partner with us by joining and becoming a Supporting Member of Chabad of Contra Costa. By becoming a Supporting Member of Chabad of Contra Costa you are commiting to a minimum annual contribution of $1800. As a Supporting Member of Chabad of Contra Costa, your contribution will allow us to continue serving the community’s needs and reach out like never before.

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 Paul & Julie Candau      Uri & Cindi Eliahu Arnold & Jo-Ann Jacobson
Elliot Maza Leonard Martin Eve Gordon-Ramek
Paul & Donna Sanderson Reuven Shwedel Jin Meng & Susan Wang

Supporting Members
Zakhar Baran & Natalie Smolkin Phillip Bland Mark & Sandee Cameron
Alex & Alla Dadiomov Michael & Michal Dubrovsky Udi & Janice Finkel
Nissim & Esther Heletz Leo Hmelnitzky & Anna Levin Yoav & Janet Karni
Eric & Leah Kleinman Oleg & Irina Kinder Suzanne Krasna
Mark & Vered Links Alex & Irina Liskovitch Sassi & Amy Oz
Mike & Chana Roth Robert & Clarissa Scott Josh & Kara Solomon
Bob Sterns & Beth Hoenninger Kia & Alisa Sumner Merritt & Susan Weisinger
Larry & Mila Wichter Shelly Winnick & Susan Alpert Art & Lynn Zeidman
Shai Zilber  Leonid & Susan Baltyasny  Lenny & Stella Katz
Cyle & Claudia Sherman    


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 $1,800 $150  $6,000 $500
 $2,160 $180  $9,000 $750
 $3,000 $250  $12,000 $1,000
 $4,320 $360  Other    
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